Manufactured from high quality, durable rubber


Floor Mats.MK.1: For Pick-ups, Sport Utility Vehicles and Vans.

  • Weather tough protection for carpeted floor areas.
  • Custom tailored for an exact fit.
  • Unique design and holds water, sand, snow and mud, keeping your vehicle in like-new condition.
  • Durable material from high quality PVC - will not crack or curl in extreme temperatures.
  • Sold in a complete set in 3 popular colors - black, grey and maroon.

Pick-Ups. Extra Cab.

Code For Model
FM.F.Ranger-B Series. XC Ford Ranger-Mazda B Series Xtra. Cab.
FM. I.KB.Brava.XC ISUZU (KB) Brava Xtra. Cab.
FM.L200.MK3.XC Mitsubishi L200 MK3 Xtra. Cab.
FM.D22.XC Nissan Navara (D22). 98 Xtra. Cab.
FM.Hilux.LN166.XC Toyota Hilux 98 (LN166) Xtra. Cab.

Pick-Ups. Double Cab.

Code Spec.
FM.F. Ranger -B Series. DC Ford Ranger-Mazda B Series Dbl. Cab.
FM. I.KB.Brava.DC ISUZU (KB) Brava Dbl. Cab.
FM.L200.MK3.DC Mitsubishi L200 MK3 Dbl. Cab.
FM.D22.DC Nissan Navara (D22). 98 Dbl. Cab.
FM. Hilux.LN166.DC Toyota Hilux 98 (LN166) Dbl. Cab.


Code For Model
FM.Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe
FM.Frontera.LWB Isuzu Frontera LWB
FM.Trooper. LWB Isuzu Trooper 91-98 LWB
FM.Cherokee.5Drs Jeep Cherokee 5 Doors
FM.G. Cherokee MK1 Jeep Grand Cherokee MK.1
FM.G. Cherokee MK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee MK.2 (2000 on).
FM.Sportage.5Drs Kia Sportage 5Drs.
FM.Grand Sportage Kia Grand Sportage
FM. Discovery.5Drs Land Rover Discovery. 5 Doors
FM.Range Rover Range Rover MK.2
FM.M-Class Mercedes-Benz M - Class
FM. Shogun.MK1.LWB Mitsubishi Shogun MK1.LWB
FM. Shogun.MK2/3.LWB Mitsubishi Shogun MK2/3.LWB
FM. Shogun.MK4.LWB Mitsubishi Shogun MK4.LWB (2000 on).
FM.Terrano II. LWB Nissan Terrano II. LWB
FM.RX300 Lexus RX300
FM.Musso Ssangyoung Musso
FM.Vitara.SWB Suzuki Vitara .SWB
FM.Vitara.LWB Suzuki Vitara. LWB
FM.RAV4.MK1. SWB Toyota Rav4 MK1.SWB
FM.RAV4.MK1. LWB Toyota Rav4 MK1.LWB
FM.RAV4.MK2. SWB Toyota Rav4 MK2 (2000 on). SWB
FM.RAV4.MK2. LWB Toyota Rav4 MK2 (2000 on). LWB
FM.Highlander Toyota Highlander
FM.4Runner Toyota 4 Runner
FM.LC80 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series
FM.LC100 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series
FM.LC90. LWB Toyota Land Cruiser 90 Series. LWB
FM.Volvo.V-70 X-Country Volvo V-70 XC









Manufactured from high quality, durable rubber

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